Don't do this step until you've entered all the radioactivity that's in the waste containers into the database via Enter Radioactive Source Use and Waste.

When no more waste will be added to a container or the container is full, physically seal the container, and then it must be marked "Sealed" in EHSA and a waste pickup request completed.

  1. From the EHSA home screen, click the red "Inventory" icon.
  2. Under "RAM Inventory", click "Removal of Isotope from PI's Inventory".
  3. Select the name of your radioactive material Authorized User from the "PI" drop-down menu.
  4. Click the "View In-Lab Waste" button to the right of the "PI" field.
  5. Find the row with the "Container #" that matches the "Waste ID #" on the yellow waste tag and click the yellow arrow and review the contents for accuracy.  Click the green "Seal" button.  A "Confirm" prompt will appear.  Click "Seal" on this prompt.
  6. Click the "Request Pickup" button on the row from step 5.
  7. A "Waste Request Pickup" dialog box will appear.  Confirm that the information that appears is correct.
  8. In the "Comments" Field, indicate the date and time you prefer the pickup to take place and the number of replacement waste containers you would like to have delivered at the time of the pickup.
  9. If you have sealed source you want to dispose, simply send an e-mail to and indicate the source number and isotope you would like to have picked up.