Lab and Chemical Safety at Georgia Tech

The Office of Lab and Chemical Safety manages all aspects of lab safety and chemical safety at Georgia Tech. Our program is extensive and provides guidance and support to the campus community. Our mission is to identify and eliminate or minimize the risk of exposure, injury, or illness associated with research involving hazardous chemical agents. Our primary goal is to be a highly valued partner with all Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students to facilitate completion of their work in a safe and compliant manner.

Laboratory Safety at Georgia Tech is a multi-faceted program managed by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), which includes programs in Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, Hazardous Materials Management, Fire and Life Safety, General Safety, and Radiological Safety.

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Services and Support


Good Catch Program

Good CatchStudents, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report conditions that they believe could have resulted in more serious consequences so proper actions can be implemented to prevent future injuries or property damage. Keep others safe by reporting a “Good Catch!”

Report a Good Catch

Lab and Chemical Safety Training

We provide a number of lab and chemical safety related training courses.

Click here to view the chemical safety training website for information about online or in-person/basic or lab-specific training.

Lab Safety Procedures and Policies

3D Printer Safety Guidelines

Chemical Fume Hood Certification

Chemical Inventory Management and Reconciliation

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Environmental Health and Safety has the ability to test for a wide array of contaminants which may negatively impact one’s health. Learn more.

Lab Inspections

Maker Spaces Safety Program

PDF iconMaker Spaces Safety Program Manual

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to Maker Spaces and Student Machine Shops at Georgia Tech to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

FileSite Specific Plan Template

The purpose of this document is to provide a template for maker spaces and student machine shops to use to develop a site-specific plan.

Moving, Closing, and Renovating Labs

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection (training and respirator fit-testing)

PDF iconRespiratory Protection Program Manual


Shipping of Dangerous Goods

Lab and Chemical Safety Personnel

Alicia Wood-Jones

Alicia Wood-Jones, PhD
Laboratory & Chemical Safety Officer

david stevenson headshot

David Stevenson, BS
Associate Laboratory & Chemical Safety Officer
Cell: 404-216-1184

Rebecca Graham

Rebecca Graham
Laboratory & Chemical Safety Specialist
Cell: 404-906-2739

Elizabeth Henry

Elizabeth Henry
Laboratory & Chemical Safety Specialist
Cell: 404-279-0632

Kaleela Kadir headshot

Kaleela Kadir
Laboratory & Chemical Safety Specialist

Taylor Porterfield

Taylor Porterfield, MPH
Laboratory & Chemical Safety Specialist

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), are documents produced by manufacturers that describe the hazards of their products. 

Safety Data Sheets must be accessible 24 hours a day to all persons using chemicals. SDSs are available at the following locations:

You can also find SDSs by referring to the manufacturer's website or by searching the name of the chemical or CAS # followed by the words SDS.