Chemical safety trainingWe provide a number of lab and chemical safety related training courses.  Click here for a personalized list of required training courses.

PIs are required to provide process specific training for persons working in laboratories, particularly when the process involves highly hazardous materials or potentially dangerous equipment. EHS can assist to deliver proper training to persons handling highly hazardous materials such as pyrophoric chemicals, piranha, nitol, and electrolytic polishing.

Please check the EHS Training Calendar to find a schedule of all upcoming training sessions.  To arrange a private training session for large groups or if you have any additional questions please contact us.

Training Instructions

  1. Go to Genius LMS 
  2. Click "GT Login" and use your GT Login (if not already logged in)
  3. Click "View Course Catalog"
  4. Search for the name of the course you want to take
  5. Click the green "Register" button on the card of the course you want to take
  6. Click "Proceed to Checkout" at the top right of the page
  7. Click "Confirm", then "Go to Dashboard"
  8. Click on the name of the course (in the "Active Courses" box)
  9. In the new window, if you see multiple courses, click on the one you wish to take
  10. Click "Modules" in the left navigation menu, then on the first module
  11. Once you've completed the presentation, click on "Modules" then on the "Final Test"
  12. If you complete the test with a grade at or above the required score, your training is complete. Otherwise, try again.
  13. If you have trouble accessing the course, email

Lab Safety Online Training

Lab Safety

Any individual working or volunteering in a lab must complete this training prior to starting.