The Chemical and Environmental Safety Committee (CESC) is responsible for advising Environmental Health and Safety on policies regarding the safe ordering, acquisition, storage, use, exposure, and disposal of chemicals in Georgia Tech facilities. The CESC also oversees the development of procedures by Environmental Health and Safety to develop and enforce chemical hygiene plans. Lastly, the CESC monitors periodic risk assessments and reviews Georgia Tech's compliance with policies and procedures.

CESC Members:

  • Pamela Pollet, Chair (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Juan Archila (College of Sciences)
  • Shu Jia (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Seung Woo Lee (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Nian Liu (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Bob Rose (Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology)
  • Dave Stoutamire (College of Engineering)
  • Alicia Wood-Jones (Environmental Health & Safety)

Ex Officio Member:

  • Jerel Harris (Environmental Health & Safety)