All persons working in GT labs must be formally oriented to the lab and its hazards prior to starting work by the PI or a senior lab staff member designated by the PI. Guidelines for creating an Orientation Check List can be found in Creating a Safety Culture in the Laboratory.

Additionally, PIs are required to provide SOPs for processes which are inherently hazardous (highly reactive, pyrophorics, water reactive, etc.) or that involve highly/ extremely toxic materials, or highly reactive materials.  Highly toxic materials include materials that have an LD50 less than 50 mg/kg by oral exposure or an LC50 of less than 200 ppm by inhalation exposure.  Extremely toxic materials have an LD50 of less than 5 mg/kg by oral exposure. See the GT Dangerous Gas ProgramSection 14 on Chemical Storage, and Section 16 on Process Specific Hazards).

Required training for persons working in laboratories are found at the EHS Training Tool.