Incoming Shipments

All incoming RAM packages must be shipped to:

Office of Radiological Safety
AU name
770 State Street
Atlanta, GA 30332

A radioactive source can be ordered after the ORS has reviewed and approved the requested the Form C. Once a package is received by ORS, a dose rate and contamination survey is completed within three hours per GA DNR regulations. Information such as isotope and activity is entered into the Health Physics Assistant database and each source is assigned a unique source number. The AU's lab is contacted when the package is ready for pickup. A RAM worker signs for the source and brings the source and associated paperwork back to the authorized AU lab. Radioactive sources cannot be transported in personal automobiles.


Outgoing Shipments


All outgoing radioactive packages must be shipped by the ORS. Please contact us in advance of the shipment date. We will come to your lab to retrieve the source, properly package it, and prepare the source for shipment per Department of Transportation regulations and labeling requirements. The following information is required: Ship to Address, Contact name and phone number and a FedEx account number. The ship to address must have a radioactive materials license that allows them to receive the specific isotope.