Radiation Safety

Radioactive material use at Georgia Tech is subject to the conditions of a broad scope radioactive material license and the regulations of the State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Georgia Tech operates its radioactive material safety program according to the regulations, license, Radiation Safety Policy Manual, and related internal procedures.

The Office of Radiological Safety (ORS) provides services to assist with the safe use and regulatory compliance of radioactive material. These services include:

  • Safety training for all users of radioactive material
  • Emergency response
  • Radioactive isotope receipt
  • Dosimetry services
  • Calibration of radiation detection instruments
  • Sealed source leak testing
  • Quarterly inspection and contamination survey of open source labs
  • Radioactive waste handling
  • Safety assessment of research projects
  • Provide information about radiation use

RAMRadiation Safety Policy Manual 

How to Become a Radioactive Material Authorized User

  1. Attend RAM Training and Hands-On Training
  2. Complete an Application (Form A)
  3. Email the Form A to the Radiation Safety Officer
  4. Wait for approval from the Radiation Safety Committee