The Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHSC) has the mission of ensuring employee and student workplace health and safety. The committee is responsible for developing and advising EHS on the administration of the Occupational Health Program. The OHSC also administers the Biosafety Occupational Health Program for workers engaged in research using animal models, human and mammalian source material, microorganisms, and other biological materials.

Current members of the OHSC:

  • Myrtle Turner, PhD, Committee Chair (Georgia Tech Research Institute)
  • Laura O'Farrell, DVM (Physiological Research Laboratory)
  • Eric White, JD (Office of Human Resources)
  • Ben Holton, MD (Stamps Student Health Services)
  • Mary Beran (Office of Research Integrity Assurance)
  • Meagan Fitzpatrick, MPH (Office of Biosafety, Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Nazia Zakir, MS (Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Shane Gillooly (Office of Biosafety, Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Jerel Harris (Office of General Safety, Environmental Health & Safety)