The Institute Council on Environmental Health and Safety is charged with formulating, integrating and updating Georgia Tech's programs, policies, committees, and compliance procedures related to environmental health and safety. It serves as a forum in which overlapping and joint areas of concern of various faculty led committees are reviewed and clarified.

Current Membership:

  • Dr. Ronald Rousseau: Chair of IC-EHS
  • Nazia Zakir: Director of EHS
  • Dr. Al Merrill: Chair of BMSC
  • Dr. Bill Baron: Chair of CESC
  • Dr. Terry Nichols: Chair of IACUC
  • Dr. Andres Garcia: Chair of IBC
  • Dr. Dennis Folds: Chair of OHSC
  • Dr. Lisa Detter Hoskin: Chair of RSC
  • Dr. Gregory Moore: Director of Health Services
  • Mr. Gary Wolovick: Managing Attorney
  • Ms. Mary Beran: Associate Director of ORIA
  • Dr. Jilda Garton: Vice President for Research