Lab Signage

Laboratory signage is essential to providing critical information to lab users, visitors, and emergency responders by alerting them to specific hazards in the respective lab. The signage required is listed below.

NOTE: All open lab areas (such as those found in Whitaker BME building, Petit IBB building, and the EBB) must be prominently posted with room number and PI name/emergency contact information in the lab to distinguish it from the adjacent labs.

Steps to be taken in the event of an emergency. This document must be posted with information filled in specific to the building and room number. It is designed to be printed on 11x17 paper.

This posting for the exterior doors of a lab indicate which training courses must be completed before entering the lab unescorted

Placed on the current storage container when a chemical is not in its original container

To be placed on any refrigerator or freezer in or near a lab

Card with emergency contact information and brief description of hazards

Posting with websites where Safety Data Sheets (SDSs, formally MSDSs) for a variety of chemicals can be found

Poster to label where a spill kit is located

Form to request authorization to leave a process unattended

Poster with contact information for a hazardous waste pickup and emergencies