Vehicle Safety

Georgia Tech is a pedestrian right of way campus. The purpose of the “How’s My Driving Program” is to assist in identifying and correcting unsafe driving behaviors, observe driver performance, measure and report data, and help identify faulty equipment in Georgia Tech vehicles in order to reduce the chance of accidents or injuries to employees and the general public. In addition, it is also designed to award positive driving behavior. Low Speed vehicles- Daily Safety reminders, Vehicle Inspection Checklist and Van Safety programs are listed to help faculty, staff, and students ensure the practice of vehicle safety while operating vehicles at Georgia Tech.

Document describing requirements and responsibilities relating to the "How's My Driving" program

Weekly check to ensure vehicle is in good working order

Details and reminders for drivers of vans

Low Speed Vehicle Policy and Golf Cart Policy

Policy regarding the purchase, safe use, and operation of LSVs and golf carts on the Georgia Tech campus.