Frequently Asked Questions - Radiation Safety

  • How do I get my radiation safety training certificate?

    The certificate will be sent to your Authorized User (or if IEN, Charlie Turgeon) within 1 month of your training. If your Authorized User doesn't have it, email ORS to request it.

  • My lab purchased uranyl acetate for staining electron microscope samples. Are there any Georgia Tech radiation safety program requirements for uranyl acetate?

    There are a variety of uranium and thorium compounds (most commonly acetates and nitrates) that can be purchased from a vendor without showing proof of a radioactive material license. Uranyl acetate is one of the compounds. These compounds typically fall under what Georgia regulations define as a General License.

    This document describes the minor requirements of the Georgia Tech radiation safety program for these types of compounds. Requirements regarding collection of waste as well as transportation or shipment of the source must be followed.

  • How often do I need to complete laser safety training?

    Laser Safety Training must be completed prior to your first use of a Class 3B or Class 4 laser. Refresher training is then required every 2 years.

  • What material can I use as a laser barrier or laser curtain in my lab?

    The material to be used depends on the laser class and a variety of other factors. The LSO will determine the most appropriate barrier type as part of a laser hazard assessment. Generally, Class 4 lasers and some higher-powered Class 3B lasers will require the use of "laser rated" barrier material that has been tested to withstand up to a certain laser intensity and has been tested to be flame retardant.

  • My lab plans to surplus our x-ray machine Is there anything special I need to do before asking Georgia Tech Logistics to pick it up?

    Yes. Notify the Office of Radiological Safety that you would like to surplus your x-ray machine. ORS will remove the x-ray tube (if applicable), and provide a letter indicating to GT Logistics that it is acceptable to surplus.

  • I have a piece of equipment that I used with radioactive material. It needs to go to a lab without radioactive material or be used for purposes that don't involve radioactive material. What do I need to do?

    Contact the Office of Radiological Safety so that a contamination survey of the equipment can be completed before it is moved.

  • I completed IEN's Cleanroom Orientation that included X-Ray Safety Training, but I still don't have access to the x-ray machine I need to use. What do I do?

    Email the Office of Radiological Safety. Common reasons include not having completed a Form B for that x-ray machine or not having completed the X-Ray Refresher Training, required every 2 years.

  • How do I determine what laser eye protection to buy?

    The LSO calculates the optical density needed for protection against the wavelengths in use in your lab.  There are occasions where multiple optical densities are needed for a given wavelength.  For instance, an optical density of 4 might be needed for protection against an accidental exposure to a direct beam.  For the same wavelength, another pair of eyewear with optical density of only 2 would be sufficient for alignment purposes only.  Be sure to communicate with the LSO.

  • What do I need to do to become a Laser Supervisor?

    You must be a full-time Georgia Tech faculty or staff member.

  • What do I need to do to become a Laser User?
    • Complete the initial online laser safety training (instructions here).
    • Complete and print Form LU-1 (Laser User Registration) and sign as the Laser User.
    • Obtain the signature of the Laser Supervisor for whom you will be working.
    • Scan and email the form to ORS.
  • My radioactive material, x-ray radiation, or other radiation related posting/label is lost or damaged. How can I get a replacement?

    Contact the Office of Radiological Safety and indicate which posting needs to be replaced. ORS will provide a new posting.