Frequently Asked Questions - Hazardous Materials

  • How do we get our waste containers returned?

    If the following apply, we make a “good faith” effort to return them to the generating laboratory:

    • The waste is compatible with waste from other sources and can, hence, be combined into larger containers.
    • The container is clearly marked with “return to” and the lab/room designation.

    We do not return:

    • 4 liter (1 gal) containers or smaller.
    • 5 gal containers which originally contained solvent.
    • Any container which, in our opinion, is no longer suitable for waste.

    Also note that we do not rinse or otherwise clean waste containers; you must either use them for waste compatible with the original contents or clean them appropriately.

  • Where do I get containers for waste?

    Laboratories are responsible for providing their own waste containers.  Most labs simply use empty containers that they have generated (make sure the waste is compatible with the initial contents or the container has been thoroughly cleaned before adding waste). We will under certain circumstances and after coordination, provide 5 gallon and larger containers, please note that if you are using large waste containers such as 30 gallon drums, you may be subject to additional administrative and safety requirements.

  • Why can't you tell me when you will pick up my waste?

    We average at least 15 individual pick-up requests each day (often more).  We have found it generally more efficient for us and more convenient for our customers, if we just show up.  We will, on occasion, set a definite date/time for service. We try to get your waste within 3 days of the request – if we haven’t been there and you haven’t heard from us – please follow-up.

  • Where or how do I get bio waste bags and boxes?

    Bio waste bags and boxes are stocked in five places on campus:

    1. Whitaker (BME) in the basement closet, close to the service elevator
    2. Ford ES&T, VWR Storeroom
    3. IBB, Building Manager's office in basement
    4. EBB, VWR Storeroom
    5. MoSE, 4th floor west

    Please take only what you need, and let us know if stocks are empty or low.