Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are reports that identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities, usually requested as due diligence with the purchase or sale of property. The Phase I ESA evaluates historical and current usage, visual identification of environmental conditions and, in some cases, dictates the next step of the process (recommend Phase II-IV ESA, etc.) so that the purchaser may make an informed decision on a property. Georgia Tech will hire outside firms to conduct ESAs. These reports cover a large number of subjects. They may even include limited asbestos survey information, but they usually do not provide enough information to design an abatement project.

When we request ESAs, we will also need the report to address the Georgia Environmental Policy Act (GEPA). GEPA is a state law enacted to help state agencies conduct their projects “with an awareness that they are stewards of air, land, water, plants, animals and environmental, historical and cultural resources.”  To learn more about The Georgia Environmental Policy Act, and the detailed procedures required within, click here.